Gain complete control & visibility of corporate spending

Overpay is a cloud-based solution that combines spend approvals, company cards, expense reimbursements, invoice management and automated accounting in one integrated system.

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Company spending can now be easily monitored

A solution that keeps your team informed and efficient at work.

24/7 admin help

Automate your reconciliation and bookkeeping tasks to save hours of repetitive work.

Always in control

Get a clear picture of your spending with real time insights into every penny spent.

Empower your workforce

Develop a culture of accountability to reduce unnecessary spending across your whole company.

How overpay works

OverPay offers a suite of mobile applications.

All designed to help you manage your money more effectively.

Peace of mind and flexibility with spend management tools

Overpay requires a process and control. We've created a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that keeps your team efficient and informed.

control function

Receive notifications for all incoming transactions

Notification of new expenses, without any additional back-office work, can be added to the system.

tracking functions

Get real-time transparency of your money spending


Monitor all transactions, vendors, and billing owners in one place for every type of operational spend.


Spend management that provides easy detection of fraudulent expenses and automatically scores risk.


Customize your access to payroll data by creating dashboards that show you the information you need.

report / post report

Automatically calculate. Get an exportable report.

XLS Document

Loved by all users

See how much our customers loved our product and give us ideas on how to improve.

"I know in real-time where the money is spent, and I don’t have to lend out the company’s credit card anymore. What a relief!"

James Edwards

New York, NY

"My main focus was to make end-user experience easy and efficient - and that was made possible with Overpay."

Ed Walsh

Los Angeles, CA

"A great tool to monitor credit card expenses, collect receipts, and facilitate accounting!!"

Krista Roberts

Miami, FL

"The easiest expense software I have ever used!"

Carl Jensen

Seattle, WA

"The expense management effort was cut by 60% with Overpay. The finance team now spends more time on other important areas of work."

Glen Thornton

Dallas, TX

"Overpay has helped the finance department to simplify and optimize employee expense management by reducing turnaround times and errors caused by a paper process."

Erica Maxwell

Portland, OR

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